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Dear 2021...

Dear 2021,

It's been a special experience.

In our second year into lockdowns, working from home, limited human connections, face masks and dry hands from Purell, I have come to become sluggish but am still looking forward to the things that bring me joy in life.

For me, the last year has been tougher than the first year of Covid. I think a lot of people are in the same boat where we are fed up of the slow-pace and trying to find excitement and novelty in the few things in our surroundings.

Human nature tends to oversee the things that become common to us. The songs from the bird who visits every day seem to fade into the background now that I've heard her song for over a year. The novelty of taking walks in the middle of a day have worn off and the ability to wear yoga pants 24 hours a day is making me sluggish.

I've forgotten how many years has passed, I can't keep track of what stores are open when and the last two years feel like a complete blur to me. There are few milestones that help anchor the sense of meaningful passage of time since March 2020.

And yet, through all this - we have to remember to keep optimistic in order to find meaning in life. Finding the silver linings can help reinforce our sense of gratitude which in turn helps push us forward into the next year without regret and with full force.

My top 10 from 2021:

  1. We might've seen less of our close friends, but the moments we spend together are more meaningful.

  2. We have gone out less, but when we do, they are meaningful and memorable

  3. We have bought less, but bought better

  4. We have travelled less, but discovered more local novelties (who knew I could get local Wagyu beef in the Laurentiens of Qc?)

  5. I have spent less, and saved more

  6. Irrelevant or unhappy news have fallen to the sidelines (do I REALLY care that so and so Kardashian did something with someone somewhere? nope.)

  7. I've had time to read all the books "I wished I had time to read"

  8. I've spent less time on mindless entertainment (mainly because we've gone through all of Netflix in 2020), and more on creative & productive outlets.

  9. I've started growing a green thumb!...after YEARS of killing plants.

  10. Above all else, I've gotten to know myself so much better. I know my likes and dislikes, my tolerances and boundaries like never before.

Life has completely changed for all of us, and the likelihood of going back to "normal" is beyond gone at this point. However, what we choose to focus our energies on today will be what impacts all of our futures. Don't let this moment in time demotivate you. On the contrary, leverage what is happening today to create your own opportunity and have a little control to define who and what you want to be in the next few years to come.

So be grateful for all that 2021 has taught you, and welcome 2022 with open arms.

Happy New Year.

Wishing everyone a healthy, joyous and meaningful 2022.

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