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10 Hacks that will change your life

Get the most out of your workout time
Create balanced meal plans effortlessly
Instantly reduce stress

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I've got JUST what you need.

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I built this workbook as a one stop shop for easy, intuitive information, checklists and cheat sheets to cover all your holistic wellness needs. 


  • 10+ pages of insights

  • Simplified insights on exercise

  • New Approach to your relationship with food

  • Easy and useful checklists

  • Understand where your stress comes from

  • 5 "Red Hot Tips" to have a better cycle

  • ...and did I mention that it's FREE?

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5+ reasons why exercise can benefit your life

Discover a quick cheat to optimize your workouts

No-brainer exercise checklist that does the workout planning for you

Nutritional Cooking

Discover a  new approach to your relationship with food

5 things you need to stop doing

What you need to start doing instead

How to plan all  your meals for 1 week in less than 20 mins

5 most common side effects of stress

Discover the 4 ways you might get triggered by stress

5 Tricks that reduces stress in less than 10 mins


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from Yaya

RYT-200Hr certified Yoga instructor, Naturopath and holistic wellness coach. 

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