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Mocha Protein Pancake

Updated: May 2

I LOVE breakfast. It's like a warm hug in the morning.

My favorite has often been a classic American breakfast - which included eggs, bacon, toast and a pile of potatoes.

However, as I learned more about the nutrition my body needed and how I can support my daily activities based on what I ate, I started changing my routine.

These days, breakfast often involves a Protein Pancake next to a pile of fruits.

Many of you have been asking me to share my recipe so here it is:


  • Makes 4-6 ±5" wide pancakes

  • ±10g protein per pancake


1 cup sourdough discard*

2 eggs

2/3 cup soy milk*

1/3 cup flour*

1 tsp baking powder

Pinch of salt

  1. Toss everything in a bowl

  2. Mix well with a whisk so that there are no lumps of flour or protein powder

  3. Turn the stove on medium high, oil a pan (I use coconut oil or butter depending on the day)

  4. Once the pan is well heated, drop in about a ¾ cup of pancake mix into the pan

  5. Let it cook until you see bubbles emerge on the top side, flip.

  6. Cook for another 30 seconds or until browned and serve


  • If you don't have sourdough discard, no worries - just increase the flour to 2/3 and the baking powder to 2 tsp

  • soy milk can be replaced with your milk of preference

  • flour can be replaced for equal amount in almond flour. Note that this will change the consistency a little bit and the pancake will have a tendency to break more.

With the sourdough starter that I now have, this has been a great recipe that is not only protein-dense but also a good way to use up sourdough discard that otherwise would be thrown out.

I always enjoy my pancake with a mountain of mixed fresh fruit and a dallop of plain greek yogurt. The whole meal is then filled with fiber, minerals, vitamins and protein.

I hope you enjoy!

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