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A Little Mental Note on my Yoga Journey

Mental health is a serious matter. It‘s something that is deeply rooted in each and every one of us, but something we give so little attention to.

Having a healthy mind doesn’t only mean to be functional on a daily basis. It could be something as subtle as getting over a bad day at work, to something much more serious that would require professional support.

In my case, Yoga is what has truly brought some balance to my mental health.

In my life, I’ve witnessed many situations that could have had better outcomes if the opposing parties were more empathetic towards one another.

It all started when I was 8 and my dad started his own business. What seemed like a harmless endeavor on his end, wound up causing a domino effect in our household synergy. I recall him working longer hours, being less available at home and eventually causing some resentment from my mother. My mom became a stay-at-home parent, taking care of my older sister and I. Although I was too young to fully understand what was going on, part of me believes that had my father been more present, my parents wouldn’t have drifted as far apart as they did.

Granted, everything happens for a reason. Today, I am grateful for who I have become and understand that wouldn’t have been possible if I lived a different childhood. But because of the childhood that I DID have, I’ve definitely struggled with mental health for many years.

Every teenager is a drama queen, but I vividly recall having some pretty suicidal thoughts when I was around 14. My family situation was extremely unstable on all fronts and in hindsight I could have gotten better support either from a professional or just those closest to me. Being non-violent in nature, I coped by becoming more of a lone-wolf, kept to myself and relied heavily on my own capabilities. This has made it tough for me to share emotions with other people and energy-draining for me to be in large group settings. It wasn’t until I was 18 that I discovered yoga.

At first it was just curiosity that led me to take yoga classes. However, I soon started to see its many benefits:

1) Finding emotional balance

When you spend time focused on just you and your body, something fascinating happens in your mind. It lets go of the noise and allows you to hone in on what’s important. Staying still gives your mind a chance to think clearly and provide clarity.

2) Finding a supportive community

Almost everyone I’ve ever met who does yoga are also there for overall self-improvement. This creates a healthy environment to share your experiences with others and gain knowledge on how to nurture a self-care routine.

3) Reduces Stress

Similar to point #1, yoga helps to reduce stress the cortisol levels in your body. Your brain is able to ditch the flight or flight mode, and get back to thinking more calmly.

4) Know yourself better

Yoga gives you a chance to get to know yourself better, and the more you understand your own boundaries - both physically and mentally, the more you will be better equipped to manage stressful situations.

5) Accepting you as you are

In getting to know the real you - you start to treat yourself kinder, and become more accepting of yourself AS YOU ARE.

6) Increase your strength and flexibility

Although this it’s sort of a given that you will improve in both physical strength and flexibility, this also translates to your mind. The better you feel about being in your own body, the more confidence you will have in your mind.

The list could go on.

My journey with yoga is not even close to the end. In fact, I’m just starting to scrape the surface. Knowing what I do know has given me the confidence to share this knowledge with all of you, and encourage all those who have not yet tried yoga to give it a go.

I also used to believe that yoga had to be a minimum of one hour, the proper gear, the right location, etc..etc.. In Covid lock-down world, I discovered that none of that was true. Yoga can be as short as 5 mins and as long as you wish it to be. You can do yoga on a chair, on a yoga mat, outside, who cares. And your clothes? Even less important. I’ve done yoga in jeans, yoga pants, joggings, my underwear and even in the nude. What matters is taking the time to be with yourself and calm your mind.

So next time you find yourself in a little need of comfort and love, get into a child’s pose and allow yourself to be there for yourself.

If you’d like to join me on this journey, follow me on where I offer short 5-10 mins yoga and meditation sessions that you can do whenever, wherever.

I also host give-what-you-can live yoga classes where all proceeds go to the Canadian Mental Health Association throughout the months of October and November. Head over to on Instagram for more details.

You can also donate directly here through Go Fund Me.

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