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Let's talk openly and honestly about our periods, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle unique to us. 

Join the

Date & Time TBC

Pain Free Periods
& Cycle synching

Womens Hygiene
Women in Bodysuit

Weight loss, weight gain & relationship with our bodies

Relationship with food & nutrition for hormonal balance

Super Health Food
Women Holding Hands

And all the topics that deserve more attention!

Who am I? 
Why am I doing this?

My goal is to establish a welcoming and transparent environment for women to engage in discussions and exchange experiences and insights.


From the work I do with women from various backgrounds and lifestyles, I found that many of us lack access to a wealth of knowledge that could enhance our well-being, happiness, and most importantly, our self-esteem.

I want to empower all of you to take control back of your health, energy and wellbeing.


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Special Guest:

from Higher Veda

300 HR YTT Yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner and Ayurvedic specialist. 

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from Live MO.SS

Your host:

200 HR YRT Yoga instructor, Naturopath and holistic wellness coach. 

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