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Have you tried to...

Lose Weight

Boost energy and mental clarity

Create balanced meal plans

Follow quick and effective exercises

Develop healthy habits suitable for your lifestyle

I am a certified naturopath, yoga instructor and holistic wellness coach, dedicated to helping individuals enhance their health, fitness, and wellness with sustainable and easy-to-follow methods.

I help people like you determine where the core issues come from, develop goals, skills and healthy habits to live a healthy and fulfilled life. 

Love, Yaya


Yoga Alliance RYT-200

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Shaheen, QC

“I loved the simple but yet effective approach. I have ADD and she understood right away how to have an efficient plan with me. Little tweaks that made a big impact."
Super Health Food

The Secret Methods

< 30mins/ day

Achieving your dream outcome takes less than 30 mins daily. That’s less than the average North American's 2 hrs/ day spent on social media.


You will sustainably enjoy a healthier and happier mind, and body for less than the cost of a daily coffee for a year. 

*Based on a minimum of 6 consecutive sessions. 


I handle all the thinking, planning, and reminders for you. Just follow my lead and check off tasks as needed. 

*Based on a minimum of 6 consecutive sessions

Small Personalized Changes

We build small changes that FIT in your lifestyle. This guarantees a sustainable positive change that you will be able to continue after our sessions are over. 

Holding Yoga Mat

You followed my lead and the secret methods, but you don't see any progress after 60 days.


You get 100% of your money back - guaranteed. No questions asked. 

If you took 6 consecutive sessions, I will even throw in unlimited support for FREE until you see improvements



Occasional Consultation

  • 1:1 online consultation

  • Wellness Survey 

  • Ad Hoc Consultation 

  • Money back guarantee

$200/ session

*insurance receipts are provided


The Guaranteed

  • 1:1 online consultation

  • Wellness Survey

  • 1 introductory meeting + 5 follow-up sessions

  • Meal Planning cheat sheets

  • Workout plans

  • SMS reminders & motivations

  • Physical Wellness & Cycle tracker

  • Money back guarantee

  • Unlimited support guarantee


*insurance receipts are provided
*installment payments available


Yoga Bonus

​Add an extra bonus access to unlimited 30-minute live online yoga classes during our time together.

Reg: $120
Your Price: $50

May be as low as $5/class

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