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Sustainability & Community

Sustainable & Karma practices are engrained in our  live more with less philosophy. 

We try to reduce & reuse as much as possible. See how we are contributing to sustainability & our community below!



All our product and shipping packaging are made of:

  • Recycled wrapping paper & shipping packages

  • Natural Compostable Twine

  • Plantable Seed Paper

  • Reusable glass or aluminum containers

  • Naked product packaging where possible


All of our key ingredients are naturally derived.

  • Carrier oils that compose majority of our products are organic, USDA certified

  • Fragrances are always created with real essential oils or naturally derived fragrance oils

  • We never use chemical fillers so you get the MOST out of your products

  • Colors are created with vegetation extracts, natural clays or real charcoal

  • All ingredients are nature derived, coming from mother Earth to eventually return to mother nature. 

Olive Branch and Olive Oil


At MO.SS, I believe that what goes around comes around. 

As much as we are taking from mother nature, we should always consider what to give back. So, since June 2021, for every purchase made at MO.SS, 1 tree gets planted with One Tree Planted. They are an amazing organization that is helping reforest our world, allowing nature to rebuild its natural ecosystems. 


Mental Wellness is an issue that is close to my heart. We need to end the stigma, talk about it openly, and recognize that mental health can be as small as a bad day at work, to needing professional support. We need to understand that our brain health is directly related to our mental health and that ultimately, a healthy mind leads a healthy life. 

  • Give Back Fundraisers ($1000 donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association in 2021)

  • Active counselor at Buddy Help​

Give Back Yoga.png

Got more questions, or you have ideas on sustainability & community you'd like to share?

Feel free to send me a DM on Instagram or go to our Contact page!

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