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What to expect from the 29 days digital program: 


  • Holistic Approach: the program considers your lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and stress management

  • Get to the bottom of it: we deal with the root cause, and not just mask the symptoms

  • Knowledge is power: I teach you the fundamentals of why the program works, not just give you a to-do list. 

  • Functional techniques: the day-to-day approach provides practical techniques and routines that are easy to integrate in your life without turning your lifestyle upside down. 

  • Forever access: this program is 100% yours to keep so you can go back to it over and over again. The more you sync to it, the more you will be free from menstrual pains. 

What happens in your body throughout your cycle can be confusing and painful. 

I show you how to simplify the theory so you understand what is happening to you throughout each phase.

Upset Stomach
Nutritional Cooking

Find out how your nutrition can help make your cycle more comfortable. 

What foods you should avoid. 

What foods you should reach for.

I make this simple by providing you a FREE cheat sheet customized for each day of your cycle. 

Optimize your weight loss, increase your strength and prevent increased cortisol. 

I show you how you can sync your workouts to your cycle for the best results. 


Find out how stress can exacerbate your menstrual symptoms. 

Learn how you can manage your stress to minimize the menstrual cramps, mood swings and irritability. 

What you get: 

  • Theory of Understanding your cycle

  • Theory of Nutrition Fundamentals

  • Theory of Exercise and it's impact on your cycle

  • Theory of Stress Cycle Basics

  • Cycle Sync'ed supplements guide

  • Cycle Food Guide

  • Wellness Tracker

  • 29-day cheat-sheet to reduce period pains

  • Meditation Guides

  • 4x Exercise routines (20-30 mins each)

$250 value

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from Yaya

RYT-200Hr certified Yoga instructor, Naturopath and holistic wellness coach. 

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