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My Story


MO.SS (more with less) - It all started when I first discovered backpacking. Living out of a single bag and maximizing the versatility of each item made me realize that a single pair of jeans, a properly curated assortment of tops, and packing only the essentials was all I truly needed. This allowed me to travel lighter, worry less, travel farther into more remote places, and focus more on the experience. 


Bit by bit, this lifestyle & philosophy of enjoying more of life with less crept into my day to day. Eventually, my life partner and I moved out of the city, out of the suburbs and into what I can only describe as a private sanctuary. The most enjoyable moments involve deep yoga practices, nurturing my crafting skills (hello soaps!),  friends gathering around a bond fire, and actually being able to see the North Star. 


Since then, I started exploring the idea of maximizing life with less and what that philosophy meant. I’m still learning to this day - but I’ve come to understand that less can mean a multitude of things, and it can be different for everyone. It can be living with less clutter, having more of the few things you really love, spending more on quality over quantity or simply taking more time to care for yourself. 


The MO.SS lifestyle philosophy is all about discovering new ways of living more with less. It's about finding the right balance within your world to bring joy into your life. It's about simplicity and focusing on what makes your day to day more meaningful. It's about self-awareness and challenging your ego.

There is no right or wrong. The goal is the journey in and of itself. Whether it be through physical activities like yoga, or trying new activities/ projects (in my case a lot of DIY & crafts); change and discover your true joie de vivre through the elimination of redundancy and clutter in both your environment and your mind. 

Join me as I explore the endless possibilities. 

- Yaya

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