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Coffee & Cinnamon Soap

The newest batch of soap in the shop is made of two of my favourite ingredients in the world: Coffee & Cinnamon.

I mean, who doesn’t lIke a good cup fo joe first thing in the morning? One of my preferred ways to have coffee In the fall and winter is to omit the sugar, and put in a few dashes of cinnamon. The sweet, spicy scent of cinnamon is so warming to the soul.

Besides the obvious scent-related pros to these two ingredients, they’re both actually amazing for your skin.

Coffee is known to many great benefits (when used in moderation of course) when you drink it, but it can also provide benefits when applied topically.

It’s best known to help reduce cellulite by dilating the blood vessels to help with blood circulation.[1] Cinnamon on the other hand, is FULL of antioxidants.[2] However, you should never overuse cinnamon. It’s such a strong ingredient that overuse of it can be counterproductive to all it’s benefits.

The focus of these two in a soap format is definitely it’s exfoliating properties. Let’s not kid ourselves, soap gets washed off almost instantaneously so unless you’re standing still covered in the soap lather, the above benefits are mild to say the least. However, the combination of ground cinnamon & coffee beans make a great exfoliator.

Now that the temperatures are slowly dropping, our indoor heaters are making the air particularly dry. Dry air = Dry skin.

Perfect timing to give your whole body a good scrub. I personally like to use this soap interchangeably with some of the other more moisturizing ones found on my etsy shop.

With a properly exfoliated skin, your lotions and creams can penetrate your skin properly.


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